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by - Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hello Again!

I've had another busy 3 weeks-and-a-bit in Berlin and sadly now, I am home :( There's so much to see in this beautiful city; it's no surprise I didn't get to see it all. I will definitely have to go back sometime in the future when I don't have to write reviews, participate in German lessons AS WELL AS trying to see everything I'd like to. If you have no idea what I'm on about, you can read my last post here! I spent the majority of July in Berlin creating a travel guide with a company called CityTravelReview.

I put my name forward to be an editor for the guide (there were about 5 of us editing in total). Even though it was extremely time consuming and my last week or so in Berlin was taken up by non-stop editing, I'm really glad I did it. Although it was relatively stressful, I discovered that I am actually a pretty good proofreader. It also has given me some additional experience in the journalism sector (which is always good for my CV...). 

What I loved most about Berlin is how versatile it is. Germany has a very detailed history, most of which you can learn about in their numerous museums. My absolute favourite has to be the DDR Museum, an interactive museum where you can learn about life in East Germany under Soviet Control. Normally, the association that comes along with the Soviet Republic and communism is a negative one - after studying GCSE History, I can definitely say that I was guilty of thinking this way. However, the DDR Museum hopes to demonstrate what life was actually like there in an unbiased way. I learned a lot during my visit and really enjoyed myself, which is why I wrote a review about it in our travel guide.

Coming back to my point on versatility, while I was in Berlin I visited what was basically a beach - there was sand and everything. And no, I'm not talking about Badeschiff (a swimming pool which floats on the banks of the Spree), but Muggelsee, a lake in the southeastern part of the city. I wasn't expecting much when our coordinator, Lutz took us on an excursion here. It was a nice day, so I decided to go along. I'm so glad that I did because the lake was absolutely beautiful! It's perfectly safe to swim in - which we did, even though the water was a bit chilly - but we also sunbathed and played with a frisbee on the sand. I honestly felt as if I was somewhere far more exotic than Germany.

Nightlife is always bustling here, and unlike London, it's surprisingly cheap. If you're into House or Techno music, you'll love 90% of the clubs here... Because I don't really like either of those genres, I had a tough time finding a club I enjoyed. Saying that, I managed to find two club/bars that were definitely worth more than one visit; YAAM and Cassiopeia. YAAM is a Reggae bar that also hosts club nights. Sadly, I didn't experience any of their club nights but I did visit their beach bar. As like Mugglesee, I was surprised to find that the bar area was filled with sand! Although the drinks aren't as cheap as other bars in Berlin, it was such a relaxing place to spend a nice, chilled evening.

Cassiopeia is also a bar/club and during my time in Berlin, I spent several of my nights here as there was always something going on. On several occasions, they'd set up a big screen in the outside bar area. This was mainly used to host cinema nights (we saw Alien) but we also had the chance to catch the Euros. I don't even watch football, but being around people who did definitely got me into it.

During the night, the fun moves inside to the club. Each night there's a different music theme; on the nights we went, they played Dancehall and Reggae. It was smokey and grimey and every guy in there tried to dance with you at least once but I had so much fun! Definitely one of the best nights out! On our last night out together, we went to a club called Matrix - probably the most touristy club in all of Berlin. I'm pretty sure there were little to no German people in there; it's the Berlin equivalent of clubs like Tiger Tiger or Piccadilly Institute in London. Regardless, we all had a good night and stayed out until 6am, which is apparently early for Berliners. The Londoner in me never got used to that part. Usually after a night out, I'm comfortably in bed by 5am...

I can't finish this post without talking about something very dear to my heart: food. Berlin is full of amazing food, I'm pretty sure I've gained a few pounds from all the eating out I've done. I'm definitely going to have to hit the gym when I get back to uni - but back to the food. Fast food is so popular in Berlin - from Currywurst to Kebabs, there's always something to choose from. I already talked about Mustafa's Gemuse Kebab in my last post (a place I wouldn't visit again in a hurry).

However, my absolute favourite place to eat in Berlin had to be Burgermeister. The burgers here are amazing; so juicy, tender and tasty - I went back 3 times. They even do a Vegan tofu burger which was honestly, just as good. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. If you didn't already know, Vegetarian and Vegan food is very big in Berlin. You can't leave the city without sampling some Falafel. You can pretty much find this anywhere but my favourite had to be Fatoush. 

If you haven't already visited Berlin, I only have one question for you: what are you waiting for?! I'll be posting a list of things you absolutely can't miss during your trip to Berlin soon.

That's all for now!
Peace and love,

Tay x

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