by - Thursday, September 17, 2015

 My name is Natalie and I am a 20 year old university student from London. I also go by Tay, as my lovely flatmates renamed me during my first year of university. About a year ago, I made a promise to myself to live my life in a much more positive manner after going through a slightly dark period. I could only see the bad and never the good.
The word Serendipity means to have good fortune and experience unexpected, yet pleasant instances, which is what I wish upon my life; hence the name of my blog Serendipitay! If you're a firm believer in the law of attraction like I am, you will know that if you believe it, it will manifest itself into your life!
So please, join me on my journey as I explore all of the weird and wonderful things life has to offer. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Big Love,

Tay x

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